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The Polygon Group



The Polygon Group, Inc. is a Los Angeles County (Burbank) based literary & talent agency representing children (5 yrs. & up), teens and adults across the board for commercial, television, print, film and music/soundtrack projects.  Our brilliant roster includes refreshing, new up & coming talent with soaring IMDB ratings - in addition to expertly trained seasoned veterans. Our mission is to continue attracting top tier talent while providing our very best efforts to secure new opportunities for our current actors/actresses, artists, producers, musicians and writers.




The Polygon Group, Inc. is committed to leading by example. Our agency especially cares about the youth in the community in which we reside.


From volunteer efforts at the local Burbank YMCA and Salvation Army, to sponsorships for youth sports, education and recreational teams, our agency is always open to partnering with clubs/organizations/charities focused on making Burbank a more positive, safer place to live for our future leaders of tomorrow! 


Please feel free to contact us with new ideas or to learn how you can get involved too!!


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